Sunday, May 2, 2010

DIY Keyboard Wrist Rest

Wrist rest.  Wrist rest.  Wrist rest.  Try saying that five times fast.  

Something I love:  Really simple solutions to everyday problems.

For instance:  My carpal tunnel has flared up.  :(  I needed a new keyboard wrist rest at work.  Rather than spend the next 6 weeks going through the necessary channels to order one, I thought I would just make my own.

The best part was that it is made entirely of things I had on hand:  a small amount of fabric and some rice.  And it's pretty.

Here's how I did it:

For starters, I used a highly sophisticated measuring device to determine the length of my keyboard:

Next, I cut out my fabric pieces, mine were approximately 18" by 4".

I sewed them, right sides together, around all but one short side.

Then, I turned it right side out, and top stitched around the same three sides.

Next, fold the open end in about 3/4", press, and fill with approximately 3 cups of rice.  You can use more or less depending on what level of firmness you want.  We don't fool around when it comes to rice in this house.  I had the giant 25 lb. bag from Costco on hand. 

After it was filled, I top stitched the open end closed, and Voila!  A handy-dandy keyboard wrist rest.  I did the exact same thing for my mouse, and just shortened it so that it would be the appropriate mouse size.

Now, because I love you, and because it's high time I start taking this blog o' mine seriously, I have created a template for you to use in case you desire to make your own handy-dandy keyboard wrist rest.  You can download it here.  Enjoy!


  1. What a fantastic tutorial! I'll be featuring!

  2. I like the fabric! Good directions and good idea!

  3. @PatriciaRaeDesigns-Hi there! It's always exciting to meet a fellow blogger in the area!!

  4. being filled with rice I'd be tempted, on cold nights in my basement, to toss it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Mmmmmmm, warm :)

  5. LOL - browsing on Ucreate this morning, and was like "She used my favorite material!" I have some of that in my stash, too. ;-)

  6. Love this tutorial, I find that am in need of this for my wrist.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful idea going to make me one.

  7. So cute and a tutorial. Look at you, professional blogger.

  8. Thanks for sharing this fun project. Love the fabric chosen too.

  9. Love it= what a great idea.. too .. for a mother's day present.. :)ps. came by via UCreate.. Stop by mine for family fun..

  10. I love this idea...especially since the wrist rest you can buy are so plain. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thank you so much. I was looking online to buy one but got to thinking why not make one. Then I thought about rice or beans to fill it. I could make one and found your instructions. Thanks so much.

  12. I will be for sure making both! My husband and I are on the computer allot! This is great! I love your step by step instructions!


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